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About me

Hi, I'm Anne, 


a 23 year old entrepreneur from The Netherlands.  In my spare time I like to help companies achieve their full potential as a marketing & communication freelancer​.



After high school, I did a BSc in International Business Administration at Erasmus University, with an exchange to Nanyang Technological University Singapore, where I studied computer science for 4 months. I finished my premaster in Interaction Technology at the University of Twente and now I am enrolled as a master student. During my studies I worked with several start-ups and I earned some money on trading Bitcoins.​

Work experience

When I was 12 years old, I started my own movie making blog, from which I created a fashion blog that reached 300.000 pageviews a month. I helped with the making of several company movies at and did two internships of one month at the E-Commerce department G-Star RAW. When I was 16 years old I worked at AdWords Robot, a company that optimises long-tail Adwords campaigns. 

In September 2018 I started working at Lithium Werks as project manager information facility, where I was in charge of creating the internal information system from scratch. After Lithium Werks and Super B split up, I became the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Super B. During this time I got more involved with the marketing department of Koolen Industries (mother company of Super B) and from September 2019 up and until April 2020 I was the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) there. During my time as a CMO, I helped the companies in our group with media relations, writing press releases, organising press events, creating content, writing social media posts, etc. A few press releases we released had a reach of a couple of hundred million people around the world.

Quick facts

Hobbies: Speed Skating, Inline Skating, Playing the piano.

BSc in International Business Administration, Erasmus University.

Premaster Interaction Technology, University of Twente.

Currently studying a Master in Interaction Technology, University of Twente.


2019: Recognised as one of the top 500 digital minds under the age of 26 in the Netherlands, in the T500 of The Next Web.


2018: Proficiency in Financial Accounting - Bronze level, by Erasmus University.

2018: C2 Piano Exam of the European Piano and Teachers Association (EPTA).


2017: Recognised as one of the 500 most ambitious, talented people in the Dutch digital scene under the age of 25, in the T500 of The Next Web.


2016: Mandarin A1.1

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